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Shady and Lubu, 2010-02-07

Nightshades first map pack converts many classic stock multiplayer maps across to Fleet Operations. I'm pretty sure this is solely comprised of Armada's timeless classics that have been played for 5+ years. Unfortunately, while these maps are firmly embedded as classics in Armada's community a lot of that has to do with planets. Without needing to gather metal and without having the warp inhibiting gravity wells some of these maps won't play anything like the originals.

Regardless, these maps are amongst the best ever created for Armada and i'm sure they will play extremely well regardless of the gameplay changes found in fleet operations.

Veterans of Armada multiplayer might recognise the maps more readily by the names they have carried for many years more readily.

Galaxy Wars version 1, is indeed a Fleet Operations varient of the classic 8 player map "Galaxy Wars by Tomahawk".
Galaxy Wars version 2 appears to be the classic "6Assualt" by Petzi
Galaxy Wars version 3 looks very much like "Evolutions Tears"
Galaxy Wars version 4 is probably 2vs2vs2vs2 by PrimaryDestroyer
Sacrifice of the Devil looks quite similar to the classic Sacrifice of Angels map, that's been played since around '04
Choas Control and Corridors are ports of the classic maps of the same name.

The venerable wassup series of maps is also represented with 2wasup. I suspect that this map will play radically differently to the original considering most of the gameplay dynamics are different.

- Freyr

Here are 9 new maps for Fleet operations hope u guys like them

Map names:
Galaxy Wars version 1-4 hope u have fun with these ones we have
Sacrafice of the Devil version 1 and 2 (these ones are fun too)
Choas Control
FO version of a Wassup map (mind you it is challanging for some thought it might come in handy...maybe)

open the zip file
extract to your STA2 Fleet ops directory bzn file i.e (C:Program FilesActivisionStar Trek Armada II Fleet Operationsbzn)
and your ready to go

hope you enjoy these maps


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These look pretty good man :thumbsup:

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