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Captain_H, 2003-03-14

The map has one direlect hero ship at the starting locations. Each starting
location has three latinum nebulas and some type of dilitium moon

and a Class-M planet.

Side areas have an inf-dilitium moon
and two latinum nebulas at the far corners;

can be only accest by two wormholes on either
side. Class-H planets are in the center of

the ends of the X and between two wormholes
with class-3 asteroids closer to the corner bases.

The zip contains files for the asteroid
class-3 made by Rabb.

Developer: Captain_H
Email: bwkilgore@plateautel.net
File Info: Next map, 6 players

Thanks for downloading my newest armada II map, I had always wanted to make my own
maps so this is next in what I hope will be a long line of them.

Besure to read the discription for more information.
But, to install the map, just unzip to a separate file and put the map files into the bzn
folder. For now on, if the map has objects that are not part of the original Armada II
will be included in the zip in the same location folders which they go to in the game.
At the end of my readmes I will include credits to the creator or creators of the extra map
object or station or ship.

Please send any comments to the email address above.

Credits: Mike Raab

Version  1.0  Author  Captain_H  Website   
Downloads  754  Size  230.39 KB  Created  2003-03-14 



#1 Admiral_Chemix 2003-03-14 09:10
What a tiny little screenshot you got there
#2 Admiral_Chemix 2003-03-14 09:11
Good Concept. Sorry about the above post. I hit the add button far too soon.
#3 chrisedmund 2003-03-14 13:09
why that's only way I would post a screen shot
#4 TACTICAL_CUBE_315 2003-12-24 03:43
we have seen class 5 asteroids this map will make a good borg base

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