3vs3 Tournament Map 3vs3 Tournament Map

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Unknown / Anonymous, 2002-07-16

An excellent map for 3vs3, this carries on the tradition of the excellent Tournament maps.

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#1 KiLLerDJ 2002-07-22 18:35
you gave this one an even bigger rating then 6wasup1......this map limits the amount of tactics you can use were on 6wasup1 you can use any. i don't think it should of got more then a 7
#2 InFiHax 2007-09-07 11:36
I have done an edit of this map to better suit online play for Major A Pane's Borg Incursion 2 mod. However, I would like to give appropiate credit to the maps original creator. Can anyone please supply this infomation?

Please leave a comment, or email me.

Thankyou everyone,



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